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Whether you choose to host it yourself or have a featured sponsor do it, there are a lot of great uses for podcast content in your event promotion strategy. Because Podfest is all about podcasts, it was absolutely necessary for them to include one in their event marketing plan. They use their show to update the community, feature interesting guests, and further establish themselves as authorities in the space.

Source: Podfest Expo. Further encourage attendees to buy early by automatically entering them into a special contest when they purchase.

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You can include gifts like swag, a VIP upgrade, or free parking. The Austin City Limits Festival offers an entire package of goodies to one lucky winner who chooses to either enter their info in a form or connect to their Spotify account. Source: ACL Festival. Getting attendees excited about engaging is easy when you add funny filters to the experience. Promote your event ahead of time by creating and adding them to your future event location. Include your event name, logo, and dates like the Historic Odessa Brewfest did in this example.

Source: Odessa Brewfest. Event sponsorship promotion is a critical component of event marketing. Let your future guests get to know a little more about your sponsors beyond their logos. Adding this person touch will also help prospects see how their values align with your event. Source: Humans of New York. Apply this tactic with celebrity guests who are up for a little adventure.

Have them do their own surprise book signings or even surprise appearances at other company events. Sure, your event website is the front-door to your event—it's here where most people will register for your event—but why not provide multiple doors? Some event registration tools allow event organizers to embed registration widgets wherever they see fit.

Your main website, your blog, or even on the website of a partner—the online world is your oyster. Whether you choose to create an actual video game for your event brand or offer virtual badges for attendee benchmarks, adding a reward element to your event promotion strategy has the potential to make things a bit more interesting. The video game charity Extra Life has Leaderboards for all donations made before, during, and after their event, encouraging teams to out-contribute one another. Source: Extra Life. Increase event awareness by including special event ticket packages in related industry raffles and auctions.


Not only will the winners get to brag about their exclusive prize to their audience of peers, all those who were entered will now know about your event too. Source: Accelevents. Capture valuable marketing data by sponsoring a wi-fi hotspot in and around your future event location.

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You can even take it a step further and research which coffee shops, co-working spaces, or conference centers your target audience frequents and get your event brand known in that space. As you can see from these examples, you can keep things simple by displaying your logo and allowing direct access. Or you can show off free services, new apps, and include more detailed forms.

Source: Trade Show Internet. These 25 event promotion ideas provide a wealth of inspiration for increasing event ticket sales and registrations. All it requires is a little outside-of-the-box thinking to pull it off. Topics: Event Marketing. Interested in planning an event in the San Francisco Bay Area? This diverse list of 20 Palo Alto event spaces will help you narrow down your many options. By any definition of the word, the Microsoft brand is an innovator.

Looking for an event venue in The Valley of the Sun? Bizzabo Blog.

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Search Results. Maria Waida Oct 17, PM. Source: Optimizely 2 Turn Attendees Into Event Ambassadors Ticket Boost campaigns are a natural way to reach new, related audiences who share the interests of your current attendees. Source: Zapier 8 Run Departmental Contests Capitalize on some friendly departmental rivalries by providing incentives to whichever employees can sell the most tickets. Source: Bizzabo 9 Partner with Another Event Why not help out a fellow event organizer by joining forces and, more importantly, audiences? Source: Brightcove 10 Limited-Time Offers Offset a high base event registration cost with intermittent discounts distributed via social media and email marketing.

Source: Base 11 Different Ticket Types The psychology behind tiered pricing options proves that including multiple ticket packages can sneakily clue prospects in on the value of more expensive choices.

He was taken aback by the exchange. Garbage picking can be illegal in some cities. That includes dumpster diving.

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If someone gets hurt while in your garbage can that can lead to some issues. Perhaps a no trespassing or stay out of my garbage can sign will take care of that. If it was a couch maybe it was used for birthing opossums. Or the umbrella could have been used as a maggot squisher and outlived its usefulness. Just like a new date, sometimes you want to know everything about them but maybe finding out too much might turn you off. In these times they might take them items to a flea market or garage sale.

God bless them if that makes them a buck. I told my friend he could make it so he gets something out of it. I say he hides in a garbage can ala the Cookie Monster and holds onto something delicious to a garbage picker like a Farah Fawcett poster or slightly rusty pair of tongs. Stick it out just enough for them to see what it is and maybe wiggle it a little to attract their attention like a whirligig lure on a fishing line. As soon as they try to take it burst out of the garbage can like Freddy Kruegger and chase them down the street.

With that thought I think I would like to sit on their porch and watch this all go down. However, they can still exchange pleasantries and now everyone is happy. Those happy thoughts will make me sleep better. Free haircuts at Remington College at Broadway Ave through August 20th for kids 17 and younger.

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Open Tuesday through Saturday. With more than one million titles ready for immediate delivery, BarnesAndNoble.

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We apologize for any confusion. Okay honestly I thought this site was not gonna be any good, but the code worked??? And I had enough money to buy the extra vinyl I wanted. It's legitimately sooo helpful and amazing. I'd been meaning to purchase several books in a series but just hadn't gotten around to it. It was a win-win for everyone! I enjoy the daily emails, and expect to use more of them as time passes.

Wonderful and in case you are wondering, as I was, there was no minimum spend to get the discount. Always excited to save any money I can!! Highly recommend! Thank you for the discount coupon. I am a teacher and one of our current high school students wrote this book.