Coupon filing methods

All jumbled together! With this system I break up that larger category into smaller ones. This way I can go directly to the canned fruit coupons without sifting through all the other canned product coupons. So there are main categories and sub-categories. Now your sub-categories will be different from mine because we all have different shopping needs.

You can make your sub-categories whatever it is that you buy. You may not. Do what works for you!

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Even if I find a better deal on those products elsewhere I still have my coupons organized in such a way that I know where all my lotion coupons are etc. You may buy these items mostly at CVS or Walgreens. So decide what main categories you use and then what sub-categories make sense for you. Before going grocery shopping I usually check an online coupon matchup site like Southern Savers to see what the sales are and also what coupons I can print out.

I also download coupons to my grocery store loyalty card.

Fixing The Problem

Hopefully this system will help those of you that would like to be a little more organized with your coupons! Great idea!

Getting Started With Coupons Part 2: Set Your Plan To Organize - I Don't Have Time For That!

I have tried several ways of organizing my coupons! The hardest was the huge book with hundreds of slots! I felt like I had to cut out every coupon.

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Now I just clip the items that I already use: Great idea to make sub-categories! I will give that a try, sounds like it would save some time! Have a blessed and beautiful week ahead!

How Do You Organize Your Coupons?

Oh yes, I tried the coupon binder when I was more into couponing. Looks like a workable plan. I was going to try making one for a gal who is an extreme couponer from the pattern at Tip Nut. It is for me since I already set it up! Make sure you get one with enough dividers. This cheap one, above, only has 6, but you could use two. I like 12 dividers. You can use a file box, plastic tote-type box, file drawer, larger divided envelope style holder, or really any method of keeping your coupons organized. The exact way you do that is up to you.

I prefer to have a rotating system and not waste a file folder for each date, though that is an option. Twelve slots have worked well for me. Clearing out the old ones frees up the slots for the next sets that are coming.

You might want to put them in the same envelope you carry to the store. Or, just be diligent about putting them back with the proper insert, so you can locate them the next time you want them. Honestly, I rarely have to go back to my whole inserts to cut coupons. I have the extras available, if a good deal comes up.

Coupon Filing Method

You will have to decide which way works best for you. I bought this set on Amazon. Too much in one category drives me nuts, and I end up spending too much time digging to find coupons. These each have 12 dividers, up to 13 slots, if you use the very back. I can quickly figure out which folder is which, just by seeing the color. Make sure you get one with 12 dividers, not fewer. Many of the cheaper ones only have about 6 dividers.

Use a permanent marker and write directly onto the plastic tabs.

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Put your name and phone number on each holder. I used to tape a nicely written and cut paper on the inside, but it will probably fall off, eventually. It does the job. There is a good chance that you will leave them somewhere. Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience. If you want to use fewer, you can combine categories and just use this as a guideline. Plan ahead, if you ever switch vehicles. Combine or expand categories, to tailor it to your needs. In the very back of this envelope with grocery stores in it , I have a reminder for myself. Stock up on coupon insert pages.

You would do better purchasing them online. I am going to link you to a decent priced one on amazon but also check eBay. Buy yourself a pencil pouch that fits nicely into your 3 ring binder. This can come in handy for storing travel scissors a calculator and what ever else you might need. I actually use mine to hold my printed out transaction and coupons that go along with that. It a lot easier for me to keep them organized in the binder pouch then in the little travel coupon file that you carry. You need to be able to find everything pretty quickly for the binder to be useful to you.

If you are following me on Pinterest you will have noticed I pinned a couple really great coupon binder organizers that would really help you out with this task.

Before I even start to explain what I do I just want to let you know there are so many ways you can file your coupons away. As you can see the picture all you will need to start your own system is really a box and some grocery bags. All I do is.