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A powerful, natural antioxidant. Has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Certified Organic. Stock: Out of stock. Glucosamine and Chondroitin 60 Capsules. MSM with Glucosamine Capsules. Glucosamine and Chondroit Turmeric Extract - Curcum Curcumin is the chemical agent within turmeric that contains the highest marker of anti-inflammatory agents.

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However, the other curcuminoids that it bonds with the inside of the turmeric plant help with things like digestion and absorption of curcumin. Taking straight curcumin is not bad for your dog, and if he has an aversion to turmeric, it may be a good alternative. However , as you increase the potency of any substance by means of isolation, the greater the risk of adverse side effects.

While turmeric is excellent, your dog's system may need a little help in absorbing the nutrients properly. Black pepper is the ultimate catalyst for turmeric. The chemical agent piperine is an alkaloid, which means it is a nitrogen-based organic compound. These types of organic compounds have the unique ability to permeate cell walls with ease inside the body. According to NCBI, when combined, piperine binds with curcumin due to their compatible molecular structures.

This creates an effect wherein curcumin can pass through the intestinal wall with a staggeringly higher success rate.

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Furthermore, piperine slows down the dissolution of curcumin by the liver, meaning more curcumin stays in the bloodstream for a more extended period. Once you have decided that turmeric is a supplement you want to add to your dog's diet, you will be left with the choice of how to administer it to him. There are several methods and products available that make turmeric consumption easy for dogs.

Turmeric chews are a popular choice amongst dog owners, as they can be given as daily treats, or crumbled on top of food.

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Tinctures are another popular method of distributing turmeric extract to a dog. In tinctures, the turmeric is dissolved into a dog-friendly oil like olive oil or coconut oil and can be administered directly with a syringe or poured over food before meals. When first adding turmeric to your dog's diet, it is best to err on the side of caution, keeping the dosage low until you know how your dog reacts. Small dogs should be especially careful to avoid adverse side effects. Store-bought supplements are usually the best way to ease your dog into turmeric use, as these supplements are all very well controlled and have explicit directions regarding dosage.

Once your dog has developed an affinity for turmeric powder , you can begin experimenting with your own recipes. In addition to these popular methods, you may be interested in a homemade turmeric paste like the one found in Dogs Naturally Magazine. One such paste that has many dog owners over the moon for turmeric is called "golden paste.

Are you ready for some homemade alchemy!?

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This delicious golden turmeric product will have your dog begging for more and may produce some pavlovian habits when he sees you reaching into the spice cabinet. Bring the mixture to a simmer, adding the last cup of water intermittently until the paste is thick. Once the paste reaches the consistency of oatmeal, turn off the heat.

Dogs can have golden paste every day but be sure to limit the quantities at first. Typically the dose of golden paste should be as follows:. Whenever you introduce something new into your dog's diet, it is important to monitor him for adverse health effects and allergic reactions. If your dog exhibits any vomiting, excessive drooling, tremors or multiple days of diarrhea, stop the dosage and consult your vet. Turmeric is extraordinarily dog-friendly and very safe in small doses, but adverse reactions can occur, so be vigilant and start slow. In older dogs, arthritis is often paired with dementia.

Dementia itself can be a troublesome disease, and it often comes on rapidly and seemingly out of nowhere. In addition to being an excellent remedy for arthritis, the positive tumeric for dogs benefits have also been observed in its prevention of mental deterioration like Alzheimers and dementia.

While the positive effects of turmeric on the brain are still not fully understood, studies conducted by NCBI have shown that those who have a diet high in turmeric are significantly less likely to develop Alzheimers or dementia. Even if your dog does not suffer from arthritis, joint health is a crucial part of your dog's life.

To keep the rest of his body, mind, and spirit healthy, your dog requires activity and movement. Movement is integral for so many things in your dog's life like preventing anxiety and stress, keeping his gastrointestinal tract working properly, and even keeping his muscles and joints in good shape. Being pain-free is the key to keeping your dog active and moving, and turmeric is just as much a preventative for joint health as it is a solution for joint pain.

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