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Security fixes, software updates and virus protection have not been available for years now.

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Having a single XP computer on your network seriously compromises the security of your entire organization. Not only that, but if the system crashes, there is potential that nothing from the affected machine will be recoverable.

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Mainstream support for Windows 8 ended in January ; extended support will last through the beginning of Windows 7 is scheduled for extended support end of life in BitTorrent — A peer-to-peer file transfer protocol for sharing large amounts of data over the internet, BitTorrent is often associated with stolen software. While there are some legitimate uses, its use can quickly saturate a network, negatively impacting the ability of others to conduct work-related tasks.

Music files — Any music files stored on a corporate network are assumed to have been downloaded by everyone on that network which poses legal liability issues should a musician seek compensation for online versions of their work. They also take up valuable network space that should be used for business purposes.

QuickTime — Developed by Apple as an application for audio and video playback, there have been no updates available for QuickTime for Windows since There are known, unpatched vulnerabilities that make the app unstable and not secure.

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We recommend uninstalling any remaining instances of QuickTime on your network. Personal photos — Like music files, photos eat up storage space on a network.

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The content of a photo can be interpreted differently by different people. While computers running on either version will still work, they are unsupported, which dramatically increases the risk of viruses and other security threats. Data, system resources and business assets are subject to the loss of confidentiality and integrity.

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  • Businesses with regulatory compliance requirements who continue to use unsupported operating systems or software may be in violation of their industry standards. Community-Driven Database Reason's users play an important role in creating a more secured internet. The bigger our database, the more we can defend against - and you get to help make the internet a safer place.

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    System requirements and specifications A PC with Windows 10, 8. Searching the web is now safer than ever! When you have Reason Essential, you have more than just a leading-edge privacy and Cybersecurity solution. You have the confidence to be active online because you can be sure that Reason has you covered.

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